Product photography: a set shot for Foggy Ridge Cider

Foggy Ridge Cider is our next speculative product photography shoot, and its another Appalachian cidery! The cider at Foggy Ridge has complex subtle flavors and this cider, 'Handmade', has a delightful development of flavor, and it really reminds me of champagne. It is full of carbonation and has a very light yellow, almost green, color. It is really delicious and crisp and goes great with a good brie.

For this commercial product shot we wanted to create a set. Something that placed this product in an environment that mirrors the spirit of the classic, yet complex flavors of the cider.  Here is a lighting tip, the spots of light in the background are actually a string of white Christmas lights that were placed in the bokeh of the lens far in the background. Somewhat overdone, but its beautful in the right type of setup. The image is rather nontraditional in the sense that it incorporates classic ideas of a still life into a modern and commercial looking background with a reflective black table top (which is black plexy by the way).

The two elements work together here to make a commercial shot that catches the eye while maintaining the spirit of classic simplicity that is true to this product.