Product photography: Noble Cider in a noble way

One of our latest speculative projects has been to photograph the recent to-bottle Noble Cider, another Asheville nc local business. We wanted to create a way to display the beautiful bottles, and the rich colors of the cider inside, but we also wanted to go a step further. In this case we designed the project to resemble an illuminated manuscript. That is, a decorated and illustrated manuscript in a tradition that dates back in some cases over a thousand years, which usually includes gold leaf and intricate detail. 

Our goal ultimately was to create a strong commercial image that carries some of the spirit of these old periods, and merges with their existing middle age's motif. The message is that cider has a lot to do with the history of alcohol; and it can tastes incredible too!

I think I like the Spice Merchant the best myself, but The Golden Arrow is a close second.