Product photography: an underwater shoot

Keeping up with our unconventional materials shoots, our latest spec shoot involved a water aerator, a large fish tank and several doses of glass cleaner.

This shoot was all about highlighting Defiant Whisky's alter ego Defiant Marine, a commercial diving company that does some really cool work. You can learn their story on Defiant's website: Our art director, Merryn Stanfield, wanted to make this connection while maintaining a clean commercial aesthetic. We think the end product has a pleasing ocean feel while being a refreshing and alluring beverage shot. 

This shoot required a complex lighting set-up and a lot of compositing to pull off. The final image is 7 different images composited into one. The bottle's glow and background are one image, the front label is another, and the top of the bottle is another.  The bubbles are from three different shots, and the water's surface is the final image that makes up this shot. 

We are proud of this one, and we hope Defiant will be too!


The set-up shot was kind of negletcted on this shoot. But here is an early snapshot with some of the secrets of the image in it.