Product photography lighting tips: A not-so-new light that is changing our table top work

We have been tinkering around with a new light in the studio. It is an old Nikon product, but it's not photography equipment and I have a lot of good things to say about it.  

Its a C-DSLS Microscope Lamp, to be precise. It consists of a adjustable power transmitter and a hot-light head. The light head is attached to the body of the transmitter with a quality flexible cord, though I wish it were a bit longer. The unit has a lens element directing the light and creating a uniform circular spot. The light creates about a one foot circle at about two feet from the surface, the light quality is really pleasant. This makes sense as it is designed to light the very smallest of things! The bulb I have isn't 5500K but there are many ways to work with differing light temperatures (like putting a gel over the light or over your 5500k strobes).

The light head is small so it can fit behind things, or in a part of your setup that is limited in space. the light is also easily directable because of its small size and super flexible cord. Check out last week's post right bellow, it was taken with only this light source.

Being a quality Nikon product it is a pleasure to work with and a constant uniform hot-light. And a great secret for any product photographer!