Commercial product photography and design: illustrating Yerba Maté Synergy Bars

Merryn Stanfield illustrated our latest spec product shoot, Yerba maté synergy bars.  These things are a great tasting and filling energy bar made with Mate Factor local organic yerba maté. This illustration was rendered entirely digitally and features the ingredients of each bar in beautiful two tone drawings. We wanted to display the simplicity of ingredients, in the spirit of raw and organic food, while creating a strong commercial look to invite the eyes of hungry shoppers. The project came together with the clean use of balanced secondary colors and a repetition of form to maintain unity.  Merryn sampled the bars over and over in the search of the perfect pixels with the most appetizing hue. We think we accomplished our goals and are super happy with the results!

We love these bars, and we want others to find this great product. We feel sure this will help! You can order this product through their website and see a list of stores that carry them.