An impromptu photo competition

This week John entered a photo competition put on by the one and only, Ken Wheeler, also know as 'The Angry Photographer'. We don't normally focus on competitions but the prize for this one was a little too hard to pass up. 

Ken is giving away one of the new Digi-Bee Alien Bees DB400s to the winner, and we really want to get our hands on this new unit. It functions a lot like its older brother the Alien Bee B400 B800 and B1600 but it allows for remote adjustment, it has a one stop larger strobe output range, and it has an LED 400w daylight balanced modeling lamp!

In short, it has the potential to be another great strobe light in the studio while also acting as a portable, daylight balanced hot light for video. 

So the contest was: take a photograph of something held in your own hand, that was the size of, or smaller than, your hand. That was about it, very open, intriguing. Here is John's entry. We'll let you know if we win the light and just how sweet it is! And if we don't win we will buy one, and then let you know just how sweet it is!!

Update: We Lost! O well, it was a lot of fun. We bought one, its sweet!